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Social Media

View examples of our social media setups from the links below or visit our portfolio page for more examples and projects we've worked on.


Google My Business

This is Google's profile of your business and shows in a sidebar when you google a company. The details show photos of your business, an address, business hours, website, contact details and products that you list if you choose. Over time, your social profiles will also be listed here so people know exactly which profiles are yours. You can request customers to review your business and their reviews will create a star rating and be listed on your google business profile.


Apple Maps & Google Maps

Having your business show up on Apple Maps and Google Maps is more important than you think. Bring in more customers through location searches or use it as a marketing tool so that your social media following can tag your location in Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook on their stories or posts. If you are a business with a location that customers can visit, this also makes it so easy for them to get directions to your location or a nearest branch.


WhatsApp Business

Operate like you would normal WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business is a separate app that has additional business features that include:


  • Automated welcome and out of business hours messages

  • Listing of website, product catalogue, business hours, address

  • Ability to be verified


Instagram Business or Creator

Choosing which account depends on the industry you are in. Your profile shows others what industry your business is in and allows creation of a button to link to WhatsApp or another appointment app. Insights and reporting show visitors and interactions on your account highlighting the best performing posts and follower retention.


Facebook Page

A Facebook business page operates as a source of information providing subsections for reviews, company details, about and a page for posts. A separate private community can be made where only those invited can join (such as customers or specific customer segments). Facebook pages can be managed and owned by multiple people.


Meta Integration Suites

With the correct setup,  Meta allows various ways to integrate their three platforms. This can include the ability to make a post on Instagram automatically post to Facebook, business details on Facebook update on WhatsApp or Instagram, each account can link to the other in the form of a button in your bio. All of this is done from their business and creator suites which we set up and link.


LinkedIn Business Page

A LinkedIn business page is not always a necessity if you have an online business presence on other platforms. It is recommended if you have a large personal LinkedIn community which would benefit your business by engaging with these connections. Alternatively, LinkedIn is a good platform to advertise that you are hiring part-time or full-time employees (or just find a freelancer for a specific once-off project). A personal account or business account can be set up for you.

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