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Terms of Service

Due to the nature of our products and services, which include; third party subscriptions, time based services rendered, intellectual information, training, online memberships and subscriptions, as well as consultations and client interactions online, as a rule and unless otherwise stated in the terms of purchase for any particular product or service, deposit fees, initial payments and retainer fees are non-refundable.

Consultations and Project Planning

Daubern Business Solutions Limited will consult with you and plan your solutions and projects accordingly before offering any services. We charge for this consultation prior to engaging with you on the setup required or offering any intellectual property and advice on the project. If you choose to use our services, we will refund you for this consultation by reducing our project price. If you choose to not use our services, this fee is non-refundable.

Design Services Terms

These terms apply when engaging our design services; website design, social media design or any other digital designs done by Daubern Business Solutions Limited. Small projects with a turnaround time of less than one week require an upfront, non-refundable payment of the full amount prior to beginning work. Larger or multi-integrated designs with a turnaround of more than one week, usually applying to website designs, require a non-refundable upfront deposit. This deposit includes costs for third-party subscriptions and an initial design fee. The deposit is a percentage of the full project price no will vary according to the level and upfront costs required to begin a project. The design, website or digital final product will only be handed over to the client, or in the case of Daubern Business Solutions Limited managing your project on an ongoing bases will only be published/posted once the balance of the project price is paid. 

Daubern Business Solutions Limited includes a limited number of revisions to designs once the draft completed product is presented to the client. The number of revisions is dependent on the design service provided and complexity of the service and revisions should be made within a time limit outlined by us. Revisions due to errors or faults on Daubern Business Solutions part are neither limited nor time restrained.

Third Party Subscriptions and Purchases

Daubern Business Solutions Limited will, on your behalf, purchase any third party products and/or subscriptions. These are included in the price we charge you for our services. These products are subject to their own refund and cancellation policies which Daubern Business Solutions Limited can enact on your behalf. We bear no responsibility for any charges incurred when cancelling or receiving a full or partial refund or failing to do so for these third party services. Third party terms and conditions apply.


Recurring memberships and/or subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by giving written notice of your cancellation, but not less than thirty (30) days before your next membership or subscription payment is due.

Cancellation requests can be emailed to us at, or via your User Account where applicable. Details of how you can manage your membership or subscription account and payment options will be sent to you via email when you purchase the service. Cancellations made less than thirty (30) days before your next payment is due, will be processed the following month. (I.e. after the next payment is made).


Training is refundable up until the start date of training. Once training has begun it is strictly non-refundable.


Refunds will be done using the same method as the original payment method. In certain circumstances where possible, Daubern Business Solutions Limited may effect a bank transfer refund regardless of the original payment method at request.

Refunds may take between 10-14 working days to process or longer for third party services and products.

We will not be liable for any bank charges, taxes, interest and/or any other fees that may be levied against you for the refund.


To process a refund or receive more information on the services we manage on your account, please contact us with your request and we will advise on the steps that you will need to follow.

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