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View examples of different types of marketing we've done from the links below or visit our portfolio page for more examples and projects we've worked on.

Digital contact information
Printed media

Logo & Brand

We offer entry level logo and brand design services tailored to your specific needs. We will create a logo and brand scheme that will capture the essence of your business and help you stand out from the competition. We will adapt and update these to different sizes and shapes so that they can be used across the internet on your websites, services, social media, email signatures, or for printed media.


Advertising Online

List your website and logos to be advertised on google search, YouTube and other google services. Track performance and monitor how many times your ads have been clicked on or viewed. Increase the amount of people that view your website which can lead to sales. With a Facebook and Instagram Business account, ads can also be designed and run on these social media platforms.


Reusable Business Cards

NFC business cards are the perfect paper-conscious alternative to traditional business cards. Our design team can craft a unique, stylish card that will transmit contact details directly to a customer's phone, eliminating the need for paper and ink. We design the physical card and digital contact page. The cards are also reusable, so you don't have to worry about running out.


Email Marketing

Give an option for customers who visit your website or contact you to subscribe to email marketing. Design and schedule emails to send to subscribers included in a website plan or use a separate mailing list software that collects email addresses and names through signup links and forms. Groups can be created and emails can be scheduled to certain groups. Works well for notices, general information and retention of customers or promoting a special.


Occasion Updates

Running a holiday sale or feeling festive? Engage with customers more by giving your social media posts or websites a splash of color for Christmas or Halloween. Create specials for the holiday seasons or just to give your customers something different to look at. Returning visitors to your website and socials spend more time on your page if it is constantly changing with new information.


Social Media Content

Not sure what to post or how often to post? Grow your social following with quality ideas designed by us. You can have your ideas converted into a post or have us use our imagination and create material for you. You can also opt for us to manage your social media pages where we’ll post this directly to Instagram and Facebook too while engaging with your customers to build a larger following and community.


Printed Media

We will adapt your logo and brand identity to a variety of printed media. Choose from business cards and flyers to notepads and stickers (for products or packaging). Availability subject to location. We will source, sample and order these for you so you never run out of product, or, take the designs to your own printing company.

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